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Providing the proper total solution

The “Family Office” originated from wealthy European and American families in the 19th century. It is a "private management organization that provides comprehensive wealth management and family services for super wealthy families. It is at the top of the financial industry chain and is the highest form of family wealth management. The wealth management industry often compares it to " Aristocrat's palace, gems on the crown". It is a private management agency to meet the expectations of the family, and to enable its assets to maintain and increase the value and smoothly carry out intergenerational inheritance.

Family offices have become known for their unbiased advice and objectivity, and the integration and coordination of the services they provide with those of the family’s other advisors. They provide highly customized service for several generations of the same family.  Family office offering customized and professional advice services, it is like a “chief advisor” to the family to oversight and manage the family’s financial statement、tax、legal、healthcare、risk management、family reputation and education development to ensure it will perform well for future generations. Family office is to provide tailored and professional advice for esteemed high-net-worth clients, with their distinctive needs in all areas of wealth and family affairs management, thereby ensuring that their family legacy will endure and grow over the generations.

  • Inheritance
  • Governance And Management
  • Integrity Risk Management
  • Family Wealth Management
  • Planning For The Next Generation
  • A Platform For The Family Gathering