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EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd. undertakes to comply with the responsibilities and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordinance"), and to maintain the confidentiality and proper preservation of all personal data collected and/or stored and/or used in conformity with its obligations and requirements.


Collection of Personal Data

In order to comply with the laws of the Personal Data Protection Commission ('PDPC') to prevent money laundering and facilitate the sale, provision of services and management of accounts by EIA Family Office Pte., Ltd. or its holding or affiliated companies or affiliates, personal data will be collected from you in the following circumstances, if you do not wish to provide such data, the company have the right not to provide services to you in order to avoid violation of the relevant legislation.
• When using or browsing the website of the company;
• When using the intermediary services of the company;
• When Processing your applications for the use, purchase or ordering of services and/or products and the provision of services and/or products;
• When making enquiries or complaints and liaison with the company;
EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd., will not collect any Personal Data that individually identifies a visitor to any EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd., site unless it has been submitted by users themselves.

Purpose of Personal Data

EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd. is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal data it holds. By accessing the personal data provided by EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd., you agree that the Company may use and analyze your data for the including, but not limited following purposes:
• Vet your status;
• Provide services to you and deal with the services you have already used;
• The continuous management of accounts and the provision of any securities trading and related services to you;.
• Promotion and publicity of any services provided by EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd.;
• Deal with your inquiries, including any of your account enquiries and provide you with progress and 
up-to-date information on the services you are inquiring about;
• Respond to your enquiries or complaints about the company's services;
• Keep records for reference;
• Contact you when necessary;.
• Comply with any legal, governmental or regulatory requirements in Singapore or other relevant  
jurisdictions, including any disclosure or notification requirements;
• Any direct or indirect related or incidental purpose to the above.

Protection of Personal Data

• The Company believes that employees who have a reasonable need to contact you or provide services or other reasons for you and who have a reasonable need for a working relationship may access to your personal data.
• We have strict security measures to protect your personal data .
• The Company destroys all personal data after collecting and preserving personal data for at least 5 years in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, unless the reason for holding personal data is to comply with applicable statutory or contractual obligations or to investigate, detect or prosecute suspects, or to continue to use it with your consent, the company will only retain personal data within the time limit required for the relevant data.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We will keep all personal data confidential, but may disclose your data to the following parties:
• The holding company or affiliated companies or related companies of EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd.;
• Insurance companies or banks or other financial institutions;
• Law enforcement agencies, government departments, regulatory authorities, courts, or other institutions required by law;
• Professional consultants (including lawyers and auditors).

Access and Correction of Personal Data

A.In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, except for the exceptions specified, you have the right to :
• Check whether the company holds personal data about you and obtain copies of the data.
• Require the company to correct your inaccurate personal data.
• To ascertain the company's policies and practices regarding personal data and to be informed of the nature of the personal data held by the company.
B.according to the regulations, the company has the right to charge reasonable fees for the acceptance of data check requests.
C.Requests for checking and correcting personal data or inquiring about the nature of the data held by the company or refusing to use personal data for direct marketing purposes should be submitted in writing and mailed to:50 Raffles Place, #38-08 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623    EIA Family Office Pte. Ltd.    Data Privacy Officer


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