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Congratulations to EIA for being ranked first among the top ten outstanding Wealth Management Solutions Provider in APAC in 2023 by Financial Services Review.

EIA Capital International Co., Ltd. (EIA): Modernizing the Chinese-style Family Office: Blending the Essence of East and West while Linking Past and Future

EIA Capital International Co., Ltd. (EIA) is a licensed legal entity (BOK010) registered under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. It offers diversified professional asset management advice and services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and businesses, safeguarding their wealth.

EIA recognizes the importance of wealth management in Asia, where the passing down and growth of wealth has long been a central point of societal attention. In Western countries, family offices have been a vital resource for managing assets for many years. Their resilient structure provides numerous advantages for safeguarding wealth and carrying forward legacies. These offices play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate economic fluctuations and achieve long-lasting success.

However, in Asia, the design of Western family offices may not be directly applicable to local businesses. To better serve its clients, EIA has created a distinctive operational and management model that respects Asian culture while following international standards.
Integrating the Essence of Chinese and Western Concepts


EIA's model combines the best aspects of Eastern and Western cultures to excel in various aspects of wealth management. It seamlessly integrates risk diversification, diversified asset allocation, and intergenerational transition protection. This fusion creates a harmonious and reinforcing energy field inspired by the philosophy of Tai Chi, known for its principles of equilibrium, adaptation, and harmony. In essence, EIA has crafted an operational and management model rooted in Asian traditions.

“We understand that the management, development, and preservation of Asian family businesses must be tailored to the local context,” says Gavin Yang, CEO at EIA. 

Considering distinct factors like family culture and legal environments, it provides tailored wealth-health assessments. These all-encompassing evaluations cover dimensions including fiscal diagnostics, asset allocation, risk evaluation, asset consolidation, wealth management, and family legacy. EIA’s focus extends beyond wealth growth.

EIA specializes in creating tailored family offices to address the challenges faced by different families. With industry-specific expertise and a comprehensive diagnostic approach, EIA aligns family offices with client goals and provides systematic solutions.

For second-generation leaders seeking influence and efficiency, establishing a family office allows them to hire professionals to improve areas like production, sales, and finance. Ambitious second-generation members can use family offices to invest in new ventures while maintaining traditional industries. EIA’s experts assist in due diligence, target selection, and asset allocation. Even those who prefer a less active role can benefit from a family office. It offers support in developing concepts, sustaining legacies, and wealth preservation through family trusts.


The Key to EIA's Sustained Success


EIA has been serving clients in the Greater China Region in the field of asset allocation for more than 25 years. EIA has diagnosed and assisted more than 300 companies and individuals. This significant growth in the wealth management sector can be attributed to its distinctive market positioning.

“EIA specializes in creating tailored family offices to address the challenges faced by different families. With industry-specific expertise and a comprehensive diagnostic approach, EIA aligns family offices with client goals and provides systematic solutions.”

It has pioneered an exclusive family-steward advisory service mechanism for the Asian region. This not only ensures comprehensive operational and management services for clients and their families but also guarantees the stability and sustainability of the assets it manages for them. 

The company also collaborates with private banks, leveraging its financial expertise as an Independent Financial Advisor and External Asset Manager. Its breadth and depth in handling a variety of matters (including but not limited to corporate management, tax planning, legal services, premium health management, high-end concierge, and emotional counseling) complement its offerings. 

EIA believes that banks are responsible for keeping customer money safe, while EIA acts as a family advisor, providing professional asset management advice and services. This earns it the unwavering trust of clients and establishes a win-win model of collaborative division of labor with financial institutions.

EIA's team of experienced and knowledgeable advisors holds a deep understanding of the Asian market and its challenges. They take a conservative approach to investing by diversifying the portfolios across a range of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash. EIA also uses hedging strategies to reduce risk.

It takes a long-term approach to wealth management, recognizing that investing is a journey that requires a patient outlook. The primary focus is on investments that have the capacity to generate consistent and sustainable returns over an extended period. Continual innovation and exploration of improved strategies are at the core of EIA's mission to assist clients in realizing their financial objectives.

“We understand that the management, development, and preservation of Asian family businesses need to be tailored to the local context.”

The company recognizes its vital role in safeguarding and continually growing family wealth. This is why it exhibits an unwavering commitment to innovation and responsiveness to market trends, harmonizing its approach with the ongoing evolution and transitions of the current era. 

Prioritizing Safety, Minimizing Risk, and Fostering Generational Wealth


EIA's each investment project depends on two cornerstones: risk and returns. Its usual approach is to first invest the client's principal in fixed-income products. After ensuring the safety of their principal, a portion of the returns earned from the fixed-income products is allocated to higher-risk equity investments. The intention behind this strategy is to minimize the potential risk of loss to the client's principal while fulfilling the desire to invest in innovative industries. EIA's continuous innovations in asset allocation and wealth management drive its sustained competitive advantage in the industry.

The company understands that a family's true success isn't solely measured by its wealth accumulation but rather by its capacity to pass down wealth across generations. The company's offices aren't just places for wealth management; they are sanctuaries fostering communication, interaction, and mutual growth among family members. Through their meticulous operation and management, it ensures the family's core values endure, paving the way for sustained prosperity. Its commitment to preserving family values and corporate culture ensures a luminous future for both families and businesses.